A new year, a new challenge.

The awesome thing about the start of a new year is that one gets the opportunity to reset, reboot and restart, giving our “operating systems” the opportunity to run smoothly and effectively as we venture forth into this exciting New Year.

Reflecting on 2017, I think it would be fair to say that we all have areas in our lives in which we strive to improve upon. Goals and resolutions that we are committed to achieving in our efforts to be a better version of ourselves at the end of 2018.

Is improving your mathematics your goal this year? Are you ready to take up the challenge of taking control of results? Are you ready to prove to yourself that you CAN achieve the marks you want in mathematics? Much like taking up the challenge of beginning a new diet or exercise regime, we often know what is required of us to reach our goals but sometimes fall short with the follow through. When the going gets tough (and it WILL get tough), it’s possible to fall off the path and we lose our way.

The team at Keep It On Core is ready to walk beside you as you navigate your way through this year’s maths syllabus. With our great deal of experience and expertise in the world of teaching maths, we will help you stay on track and to remain confident and motivated as you work towards your goals. Introducing the Keep It On Core Challenge. At Keep It onCore, we are firm believers in being prepared. What do we mean by this you ask?

A highly effective way of developing a solid understanding of what is being taught in class is to have some prior knowledge of that section in advance. So, here is our challenge – start by identifying the main reason you want to improve your marks in maths. Write it down and have it visible to yourself on those days when you need to remind yourself of what all the hard work is for. For the duration of Term One, we challenge pupils to commit to watching the relevant Keep It On Core lessons prior to the lesson in class. Work through the examples and listen carefully to the explanations in order to equip yourself with an understanding that you can then build on. By giving yourself a base from which to work, the lesson will appear less overwhelming in class and you will have the ability to better absorb and understand the concepts being taught. Like any challenge, this requires commitment! And by this we mean, COMMITMENT. Keep It On Core is excited to take up this challenge with you and to see you go from strength to strength!

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Go get ‘em!

Tamlyn Pickering.

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