Becoming a Maths "Mom-spert"

You have watched as your child embraced online learning. You have seen them try their best to cope with schoolwork at home and you have been there as they started reopening schools. But did your child get the most out of their digital learning experience? While some subjects are easy to grasp, others such as maths can be a little more difficult. Many children need to be guided with a little extra help to understand certain maths problems and equations.

The number one reason many children struggle with Core Maths is that they have fallen behind. While they have kept up to date with lessons they may have fallen behind on understanding what was taught. At Keep It On Core we understand this and are here to help. You may already have picked up if your child is struggling with Core Maths. Those dreaded phrases will start coming through; “I hate maths” or “why do I have to do this”, what about “I don’t get it”.

Maths concepts, especially in Core Maths, are interlinked. If your child doesn’t fully understand any one of the Core Maths concepts their maths journey will be considerably more difficult going forward. The world-class resources available on Keep It On Core are designed to give your child every opportunity they need to succeed in mastering their Core Maths skills.

Problematic Maths Problems

Where does a parent turn to when their child has a problem with Core Maths? If you don’t understand what is being taught to your child then how can you help them? Where would you even begin to help your child with maths? In a class of 30+ children, it is often difficult for a teacher to give individual attention to each child. This becomes even more difficult when teaching children online.

Keep It On Core is designed to explain math concepts and help children through Core Maths. Video lessons are laid out in the same way that your child would have experienced them in classrooms. This means that if they feel they’ve fallen behind with anyone section over the last few months, they can browse through previous content online to find out where everything went wrong. The lessons are designed to explain relevant Core Maths concepts in an easy to understand way. As a parent, you simply need to assist your child in navigating to the section they find difficult, and the Keep It On Core platform will do all the rest!

You can rest assured that your child will be able to recap on the work they completed in class as well as have access to additional material to practice everything they’ve learned. Keep It On Core has also developed a complete series of video solutions to help your child through maths problems they might feel “stuck” on. These video solutions offer your child detailed explanations for solving the maths concepts. You can help your child by looking for these on the platform and helping them to find the concepts they find hard. Additionally, all students also have access to previous years’ material; this means that your child can find the source of their problem and relearn it.

Is Online Tuition Safe?

A big concern for parents anywhere is whether their children are safe when using study resources online. With Keep It On Core, all lessons are video-based; your child can access them at any time. Keep It On Core also offers a relevant and safe discussion group where your child can get the help they need from a highly trained professional. Why not sit with your child as they discuss their Core Maths problems with a tutor. This way you’ll build a vital trust relationship between you, your child and the tutor when it comes to learning Core Maths skills.

Data Solutions for Studying

Data-intensive learning platforms are a worry for parents just like you. Many online learning portals offer content streaming services. Rising data costs have made these services an unattainable dream for many children and their parents. Keep It On Core’s video-based learning platform requires less data than streaming services. And, because the learning programmes are not time-based your child can access them at any time including during periods where data costs are lower. Be sure to explore the platform with your child before letting them go at it alone. With your guidance your child will master the Keep It On Core platform in no time.

How to Encourage your Child to Use a New Platform Online

Getting additional help for Core Maths online is not the same as booking extra lessons after school. Video-based learning can take some getting used to. Keep It On Core works best when your child spends time working through problems and concepts. Your child should spend around two hours every week practising and revising Core Maths they have learned in class or through online lessons. For a child, this is two extra hours on top of their current homework and studies every week.

This is where you, as the parent, can step in. By encouraging your child to practice their Core Maths skills for just 20 minutes every day, they’ll make up those two hours in no time. To help you, Keep It On Core has developed an amazing Parent Portal that allows you as the parent to track the amount of time your child spends working through their Core Maths skills.

5 Quick Online Safety Tips For Parents And Children

With all the benefits of studying online come the dangers. Your child will have more free access to the internet now, and as a parent, you need to make sure that they are safe. As a parent you need to monitor how much time and when your child is online. You also need to make sure that their time spent online is productive and that they behave appropriately. The good news is that you can guide your children in ensuring that they use the resources they find online securely.

Here is a quick guide to making sure your child uses the internet safety:

Platform Knowledge
Make sure that you are aware of and know the platforms and apps your child will be using when they study online. If your child is required to chat with classmates or others online, make sure you know who they are talking with and what they are discussing. Always make use of trusted communication platforms.

It’s easy to get carried away online. Make sure that you set firm boundaries for your child and encourage them to step away from the computer to do something else every now and then. Let your child help around the house, take them with when you pop to the shops, or let them get active outside.

Not all the time your child spends online should be done alone. As a parent, you should get involved whenever you can and engage with them about what they are learning.

Be a Role Model
Your child watches how you behave online. Make sure that you are always kind when interacting with others online. Bad online behaviour is learned from watching others, especially parents. Now is the right time to set an example. Whenever possible, you should also try to limit your own online time.

You need to make sure that you educate your children about the danger of online platforms. You should take the responsibility to teach your child about online predators and the danger they pose. Take time to explain to them about boundaries of sharing information online and that once something is online, it’s there forever.

These days moms are experts in nearly everything, they’re mom-sperts. With the right assistance you can add being a teaching guide to that portfolio too. By choosing Keep It On Core to help enhance your child’s Core Maths skills you’ll be a certified maths mom-spert in no time. Keep It On Core wants to help you by helping your child enhance their Core Maths skills. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your child through the enhancement of Core Maths skills at an affordable price.