The real gift this festive season

As November slowly edges to a close, one cannot help but notice a distinct shift in the air from exhaustion and exam stress to an exhilarating tingle of excitement as the holiday season approaches.  Being cooped up behind textbooks, endless revision sessions and tiresome exams will soon be replaced by the freedom of summer holidays and the joy of the Festive Season.

Speaking of the Festive Season, I am reminded of gifts which have inspired me to share a story, on a slightly more personal note, as we wind down to the end of 2017. A few days ago, my youngest daughter came home from school anxiously clutching an envelope which held the results of a test they had written to determine “giftedness” in the children. According to Wikipedia, “intellectual giftedness” refers to an intellectual ability significantly higher than average.

As my child sat opposite me at the kitchen table, staring at me through eyes as wide as saucers and brimming with tears through sheer anticipation of these results, I felt compelled to put the unopened envelope aside and to take a moment to recognise exactly what her “gifts” are without needing a test result to predetermine her sense of worth.

In a world that places so much pressure on children and adults alike, I believe it is so important for us all to acknowledge that we are all beautifully gifted in our own unique ways. It is, however, our willingness to recognise and celebrate these gifts that help develop a sense of confidence in oneself in terms of what and who we are, as well as what we can offer to society.

As the results of the final exams are being eagerly (or in some cases, not so eagerly) anticipated, I would like to encourage parents and pupils alike to take time to recognise your gifts, consider the value that such a gift can add to the world and harness the confidence of possessing such a gift as you look towards facing new challenges in 2018.

Success in Mathematics almost invariably starts with a sense of confidence, whether you believe this is your ‘gift’ or not. This is a lesson that can be applied in so many areas of one’s life and one that I believe we can all embrace more. Know that you ARE a gifted individual with the ability to add great value to the world. Live your life and approach new challenges with the confidence of a “gifted” person who knows they have the ability to achieve great things.

We are so proud of all our Keep It On Core pupils who have displayed determination and commitment towards achieving their goals in Mathematics this year. For those who have finished Grade 12, we congratulate and wish you every success as you continue on your chosen paths. For our other pupils, we look forward to continuing to work with you next year as you strive to Keep It On Core.


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